Why the “Me first” Approach to Social Marketing Might be Putting you Last

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I recently wrote an article for the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce with some great tips on Social Media Marketing and strategy! Check it out and let me know what you think!

For many Facebook is a place to connect with friends and share their favorite cat videos—and who doesn’t love a good ‘LOL cats’ meme! However, in reality Facebook is one of easiest and fastest ways to grow and promote your business. Business owners don’t go online with the same expectations as the average punter, but that doesn’t mean your Facebook presence has to switch to “business mode” only. A strong Facebook presence must be multifaceted and focused while including several pillars of user engagement.140825_Why the ME first approach in Social Marketing will not work

One of the most common mistakes business owners make on Facebook is being overly-promotional. This “me first” approach to running a business page can actually leave your followers skeptical about the value of your business—definitely a social faux pas! With the right social marketing strategy you can ensure your Facebook posts resonate with your followers which will translate into new fans,  and more importantly, new customers!

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