My name is Amber and I’m a master’s student at the University of Ottawa in the Department of Communication, specializing in media studies. I’m a graduate of Carleton University and was an exchange student at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. I’m also a head lifeguard, swimming and dance instructor and a lover of travel and dachshunds.

For my master’s research paper I would like to understand the role a social media platform, such as Facebook, plays in the identity formation of young women. To this end, I have created this blog in hopes of harnessing the network of experts and students–in the spirit of mass collaboration–that I have access to through my various social platforms to enhance my research.

Please help me with my research and join the conversation by reading and commenting on blog posts, connecting with me on twitter (@amber_Vsmith) and suggesting links for books, articles and anything and everything to do with social media, women and identity construction.

Open platforms for innovation invite unprecedented participation in value creation, cumulative innovation and creativity. Let’s help each other grow and learn and have a little fun while we’re at it!


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  1. Hey Amber, if you ever want to meet to discuss this, let me know. This is the same type of thing I’ve been interested in academically for the past few months, and is exactly what I submitted in my letters of intent for my MA research interests (great minds think a like!). I decided to do a co-op MA though, rather than a formal thesis or research paper, so I won’t have the space to pursue a project like this – so I’d love to chat with you about yours, if you want to meet soon. 🙂

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